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Hospital Locators

Best Hospitals Finder (U.S. News & World Report)
The U.S. News hospital 2005 rankings are designed to assist patients in their search for the highest level of medical care. Database is searchable by specialty (including the top cancer hospitals) or by geographic region.

NCI-Designated Cancer Centers (NCI)
Directory of NCI-designated Cancer Centers, 58 research-oriented U.S. institutions recognized for scientific excellence and extensive cancer resources. Listings feature phone contact numbers, website links and a brief summary of website resources. [12/02]

Approved Hospital Cancer Programs (Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons)
The Approvals Program of the Commission on Cancer surveys hospitals, treatment centers, and other facilities according to standards set by the Committee on Approvals which recommends approval awards in specific categories based on these surveys. A hospital that has received approval has voluntarily committed itself to providing the best in diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Approved hospitals can be searched by city, state and category.

Lung Cancer Programs (Lung Cancer Online)
Directory of NCI-Designated Cancer Centers and other hospitals with multidisciplinary lung cancer programs. Links to specific lung cancer resources are included where information is available. (nb, Directory is not a complete listing, but a work-in-progress.)

"Impact of Hospital Volume on Operative Mortality for Major Cancer Surgery"
JAMA, November 25, 1998; 280(20):1747-1751
Abstract of a JAMA article concluding that when complex surgical oncological procedures are provided by surgical teams in hospitals with specialty expertise, mortality rates are lower. [11/98]


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