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Fatigue (PDQ) (National Cancer Institute)
Addresses fatigue, its causes, and factors related to fatigue. Discusses its assessment and treatment. Post treatment considerations are also addressed. Patient and physician versions available. [12/03]

Sleeping with the Enemy: Treatment of Fatigue in Individuals with Cancer (The Oncologist)
by Robert H. Wharton, MD
v.7, no. 2 The Oncologist (April 2002): 96-99
Excellent, comprehensive article by lung cancer patient and physician, Rob Wharton, addressing the impact and treatment of cancer-related fatigue. Examines the medical conditions that cause fatigue in cancer patients, and elucidates the problems it creates in the lives of patients and their families. Discusses the potential benefits of using psycho-stimulant medication to treat fatigue. [4/02]

Cancer-Fatigue (Association of Cancer Online Resources)
Online discussion group for cancer patients dealing with fatigue.


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