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Nutritional Problems & Weight Loss

Nutrition in Cancer Care (PDQ) (National Cancer Institute)
Describes the effects of cancer and its therapy on nutrition, as well methods for maintaining nutrition in cancer patients. Patient and physician versions available. [5/04]

Eating Hints for Cancer Patients (NIH/NCI)
Sections include: Eating Well During Cancer Treatment, Managing Eating Problems During Treatment, Special Diets for Special Needs, Glossary and Recipes for Better Nutrition During Cancer Treatment.

Nutrition (Cancer Supportive Care)
from Cancer Supportive Care by Ernest H. Rosenbaum, MD & Isadora R. Rosenbaum, MA
Addresses issues of nutrition and cancer including loss of appetite, diarrhea, when foods taste or smell funny, chewing or swallowing difficulties, and weight gain, among others.

Influence of Nutritional Status on Complications After Operations for Lung Cancer (Annals of Thoracic Surgery)
Abstract of a study examining the role of nutritional status in patients undergoing an operation for lung cancer. Results indicate that impaired nutrition is an important predictor of death and the need for reventilation after an operation for lung cancer. Suggests that the selection of patients for lung resection might be improved by measuring simple nutritional indices. [3/00]


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