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About The Lung Cancer Online Foundation

The mission of The Lung Cancer Online Foundation (LCOF) is to improve the quality of care and quality of life for people with lung cancer by funding lung cancer research and providing information to patients and families via is a comprehensive, annotated directory to Internet information and resources for patients and families. is cited as a leading website for lung cancer in medical journals, cancer support publications and the media. (See our "Awards & Recognitions" section for further information.)

Lung cancer is the number one cancer killer of both men and women and yet it is funded at vastly lower rates than the other common cancers. This has translated into fewer effective treatment options and an overwhelming 85% mortality rate. The Lung Cancer Online Foundation aims to fill the urgent and chronic need for additional sources of lung cancer research.

The Lung Cancer Online Foundation Board of Directors includes national leaders in medicine, industry, information technology and patient advocacy. A distinguished Scientific Advisory Board of the top lung cancer specialists - representing medical schools nationwide, from Harvard to Cornell to the University of Wisconsin to UCLA - evaluates LCOF grant proposals. The LCOF Grants Program supports qualified individuals and groups conducting lung cancer research and funds fellowships in translational and clinical lung cancer research.

The Lung Cancer Online Foundation was founded by Karen Parles, a lung cancer survivor and librarian. After her diagnosis with advanced lung cancer at the age of 38, Karen created as an information resource for patients and families. Karen has served as a lung cancer advocate for the National Cancer Institute, the Alliance for Lung Cancer, Cancer Care, and the Wellness Community. In 2000, Karen was honored with a Bicentennial Medal by Williams College for her outstanding contributions on behalf of people with lung cancer.


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