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What's New in Lung Cancer?

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Lung Cancer News

The Latest News

Lung Cancer - Latest News (

Lung Cancer News (Doctor's Guide)
Latest lung cancer news from journal and meeting sources.

Lung Cancer Resource Center - News (Medscape)

NCI Cancer Trials - Lung Cancer News and Resources
Current topics in lung cancer research and clinical trials.

News: Lung Cancer (Biospace)

Latest News In Treatment - By Treatment Agent & Regimen (

How to Evaluate News on Cancer

How To Evaluate Articles in the News About Cancer (National Cancer Institute)
Written for cancer advocates, this guide reviews questions to consider when evaluating media reports on cancer, including: who wrote the article? what is the evidence the article is based on? did the study involve people, animals or cells in the laboratory? what were the details of the study? was the study agent or device approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)? what were the characteristics of the people involved in the study? is the study discussed in a balanced way? who funded the study? who conducted the study? and, were the study results published in a journal or meeting where they were first reviewed by experts? [undated]

Upcoming Educational Events

Professional Conferences/Meetings
Doctor's Guide: Medical Conferences: Hematology & Oncology Meetings
Medscape Hematology-Oncology Conference Calendar
NCI Event Calendar: Cancer-Related Meeting Information

Support Events
Wellness Community: Events


MedPulse Newsletter
Weekly e-news from Medscape by topic, aimed at physicians. Topics include hematology-oncology and pulmonary medicine.

InteliHealth Cancer E-mail
InteliHealth's Weekly Cancer E-Mail provides the latest news and information on cancer, along with links to cancer-related cancer-related resources. Registration required for this free service.

Cancer Care News
Information for people with cancer and their families as well as for health professionals. Current information on support groups, teleconferences, professional education, clinical trials and advocacy information.

Spirit and Breath
ALCASE quarterly newsletter. Written for people living with lung cancer. Articles cover a broad array of subjects of interest to people with lung cancer and their families.


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