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Prognosis & Survival

"The Median Isn't The Message" (Cancerguide)
Wonderful piece on cancer and statistics by Stephen Jay Gould, a Harvard professor who was diagnosed with an incurable cancer. [5/02]

SCLC Survival: 3 Years as a Minimum for Predicting a Favorable Outcome (PubMed)
Abstract of a study published in the May issue of Lung Cancer to define the minimum survival time indicating a significantly reduced risk of recurrence of SCLC based on evaluating the survival of patients with SCLC who underwent anatomic staging and treatment with chemotherapy including combined chemotherapy and radiation. The study found that 3 years was the shortest survival-time for predicting a significantly reduced risk of recurrence of SCLC. [5/03]

Conditional Survival of Patients with the Four Major Histologic Subgroups of Lung Cancer in Denmark (PubMed)
Abstract of a study published in the August 2003 issue of the Journal of Clinical Oncology that suggests the discouraging 5-year survival probability of patients with lung cancer is often reported without taking into account changes in the survival probability as time advances from diagnosis. Concludes that for patients surviving more than one year, the conditional survival probability provides a more accurate estimate of survival as compared with the conventional observed survival rates. [8/03]


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