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Hospice & End-of-Life Issues

Hospice (National Cancer Institute)
Lists hospice services and resources that provide useful information and referrals to local hospice and palliative care organizations. [4/06]

Home Care Guide for Advanced Cancer (American College of Physicians)
Guide for family, friends and hospice workers caring for patients living with advanced cancer who are living at home. It provides information on how to recognize a problem, when to get professional help, what you can do to help, possible obstacles, and carrying out and adjusting the plan. Topics covered are: caregiving, cancer pain, shortness of breath, communication, respite care, final weeks of life, moment of death, grieving, and a dying person's guide. A list of related links is included. [1997]

Hospice Net
Provides comprehensive information to patients and families facing life threatening illness. Extensive treatment of end-of-life issues from both patient and caregiver perspectives. Among the many excellent resources are: "A Dying Person's Guide to Dying," (by Roger C. Bone, MD, 1997); "Talking to Children About Death," (Hospice Net, 1991); and "What You Can Do to Be a Supportive Caregiver," (American College of Chest Physicians, undated).

Cancer-Hospice (Association of Online Cancer Resources)
Online discussion group for cancer patients dealing with hospice issues.

Advanced Directives (National Cancer Institute)
Offers guidelines for thinking about end-of-life issues so that patients may better understand the medical, legal, and personal choices they may face in the future. Explains advance directives (living will, durable power of attorney, health care proxy) and why they are important. Offers suggestions for where cancer patients can get assistance with their advance directives. [3/00]

Advance Care Planning & Implementation (Caring Connections)
Provides a comprehensive approach for exploring and talking about the issues surrounding end-of-life decision making. Discusses how to receive quality end-of-life care and how to implement an advance care plan.

Advanced Cancer: Living Each Day (National Cancer Institute)
Intended to help people who are facing death from cancer live their remaining days as well as they can. Sections include: living one day at a time, what you can do for yourself, and choices for care. [9/98]

Lung Cancer Treatment: Palliative & End-of-Life Care (Lung Cancer Online)
Links to information on palliative and end-of-life care issues in patients with lung cancer.



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