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Support Organizations

American Cancer Society (ACS) 800-ACS-2345
ACS maintains a 24 hour/day hotline. ACS' Search for Local Resources database provides referrals to cancer-related services in your community, including health care services, support groups, assistance, information services, medical equipment and supplies, smoking cessation programs, and transportation. ACS' Cancer Survivors Network offers an online community of cancer survivors, families and friends.

R.A. Bloch National Cancer Foundation 800-443-0464/816-932-8453
National Cancer Hotline that matches cancer patients with cancer survivors, 24 hours/day. Offers free books on cancer: Cancer...There's Hope, Fighting Cancer, and Guide for Cancer Supporters. All are available online.
Founded by Richard Bloch, of H&R Bloch, a lung cancer survivor.

Cancer Care, Inc. 800-813-HOPE
Immediate help with cancer and treatment information, one-to-one counseling over the phone, referrals to other support services (home care, child care, transportation, pain management, entitlements) in your area, and free educational material and programs. Maintains a lung cancer website, It's Time to Focus on Lung Cancer, and a wide variety of support groups for patients, partners, relatives and caregivers, including a Lung Cancer Support Program.

Cancer Hope Network 877-467-3638
Provides individual support to cancer patients and their families by matching them with trained volunteers who have undergone and recovered from a similar cancer experience.

Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA)
Nonprofit organization dedicated solely to advocating for people living with lung cancer or at risk for the disease. LCA offers patient education and support programs focused on helping people directly affected by lung cancer, including a lung cancer hotline, a phone buddy program, a quarterly newsletter, and an advocacy alert network, where advocates can receive alerts to participate in or respond to important lung cancer issues.

National Home Oxygen Patients Association
Non-profit association devoted exclusively to improving the lives of people who require supplemental oxygen on a regular basis. NHOPA provides patient education and patient advocacy (ombudsman) services. (Services are provided for members; membership for oxygen users is $15.)

NCI's Cancer Information Service (NCI) 800-4-CANCER
National information and education network of trained staff offering the latest and most accurate information on cancer and cancer treatment. Provides referrals to medical and support services.

Patient Advocate Foundation 800-532-5274 | 866-512-3861 (PAP)
Non-profit organization that provides education, legal counseling and referral services to cancer survivors concerning managed care, insurance and financial issues. Offers a Patient Assistance Program (PAP) to provide co-payment assistance for drug products to insured Americans who financially and medically qualify. Additional online information includes debt crisis intervention and job discrimination, among other concerns.

Wellness Community 800-793-9355
Largest support program in the United States devoted solely to providing free psychological and emotional support to cancer patients and their families. Offers support groups facilitated by licensed therapists and cancer education workshops, among other services. Its webpage lists Wellness community locations and contact information.



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