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Psychosocial Issues

Emotions & Feelings
Survivors' Stories & Hope

Emotions & Feelings

Your Feelings: Learning You Have Cancer (National Cancer Institute)
from "Taking Time: Support for People with Cancer and the People Who Care About Them"
Discusses the range of feelings and emotions you might experience following a cancer diagnosis, including: denial, anger, fear and worry, stress, pain, control and self-esteem, sadness and depression, guilt, loneliness and hope. [undated]

Relaxation with Guided Imagery Eases Cancer Distress (ScienceDaily)
Reports on a study published in the October 2001 issue of General Hospital Psychiatry that found behavioral intervention (body relaxation with guided imagery) offers modest relief of psychological distress for cancer patients. Researchers discovered that the more distressed patients were before entering the intervention, the more they were improved at six-month follow-up. [10/01]

Psychological Effects of Cancer (Lung Cancer Online)
Links to information on anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.


The Spirituality & Chaplaincy Program (Cancer Supportive Care)
Reprinted from Cancer Supportive Care by EH & IR Rosenbaum, Somerville House, Toronto, 1998.
Discusses how religion and spirituality can help cancer patients. Topics include: mortality; why me?; why do we suffer?; religious and spiritual perspectives on meaning; religion, coping and healing; the quest for meaning; emotional comfort; religious guidance; religious resources and practices; and four nondenominational prayers for healing. [1998]


Survivors' Stories & Hope

Stories of Hope (Lung Cancer Alliance)
Personal stories by survivors of lung cancer.

Faces of Lung Cancer (
Personal accounts by lung cancer survivors.

Inspirational Patient Stories (Cancerguide)
A substantial list of cancer survivors' stories, several with lung cancer.

"The Median Isn't The Message" (Cancerguide)
Wonderful piece on cancer and statistics by Stephen Jay Gould, a Harvard professor who was diagnosed with an incurable cancer.

Shared Experience
Shared Experience aims to provide a searchable database of the cancer experiences of patients and their caregivers.

Cancer Survivor's Network (American Cancer Society)
Transcripts (and audio) of cancer survivors and caregivers talking about experiences living with cancer.


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