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Patient Support Groups & Services

Support Groups (Face-to-Face)
Support Groups (Internet)
Telephone Support (Phone Buddy & Information)

Support Groups (Face-to-Face)

Lung Cancer Support Groups (Lung Cancer Alliance)
Geographic listing of in-person lung cancer support groups (scroll down on page).

American Self-Help Clearinghouse: Self-Help Sourcebook Online (Sponsored by Mental Health Net)
Guide to finding in-person support groups and networks in your community. Maintains a geographic listing of self-help clearinghouses and a database of self-help groups searchable by keyword for a particular type of problem. [11/02]

How to Find a Support Group Near You (SupportWorks)
Offers seven methods to locate a local support group serving your needs.

Support Groups (Internet)

Association of Cancer Online Resources, Inc. (ACOR)
Currently provides over 100 online cancer-related discussion lists offering information and support for cancer patients and caregivers. Specific groups of interest are:
LUNG-ONC: The Lung Cancer Online Support Group
LUNG-BAC: Bronchioloalveolar Carcinoma (BAC)
LUNG-NSCLC: Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
LUNG-SCLC: Small Cell Lung Cancer

CancerCare: Online Support Groups (CancerCare)
CancerCare online support groups comprise 6-12 patients facing similar situations facilitated by professionally-trained oncology social workers. Online support group for teens who have a parent with cancer also available.

Cancer Survivors Network (American Cancer Society)
Lung cancer message board of the ACS Cancer Survivors Network.

Lung Cancer Support Community - Message Boards (Lung Cancer Support Community)
Message boards on various lung cancer-related topics.

OncoChat: Online Peer Support for Cancer Survivors, Family & Friends
Peer support group using Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Chat room is open 24 hours/day to whose lives have been touched by cancer. OncoChat may be accessed via the OncoChat website or by using an IRC client program.

Vital Options: TeleSupport Cancer Network (800) 477-7666
Nonprofit organization using communications technology to reach people dealing with cancer. Holds a weekly syndicated call-in cancer talk show linking callers with other patients, long-term survivors, physicians, and therapists experienced in working with and discussing cancer issues.

Telephone Support (Phone Buddy & Information)

LCA Phone Buddy Program 800-298-2436
The Lung Cancer Alliance Phone Buddy program matches lung cancer survivors or family members who have similar circumstances, such as disease type, treatment regimens, or caregiving situations. Once the match is made, participants can phone each other for support, encouragement, and above all, hope.

Cancer Care 800-813-HOPE
Immediate help with cancer and treatment information, one-to-one counseling over the phone, referrals to other support services (home care, child care, transportation, pain management, entitlements) in your area, and free educational material and programs.

Cancer Hope Network 877-467-3638
Provides individual support to cancer patients and their families by matching them with trained volunteers who have undergone and recovered from a similar cancer experience.

R.A. Bloch National Cancer Foundation 800-433-0464/816-932-8453
National cancer hotline that matches cancer patients with cancer survivors, 24 hours/day.


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