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Emotional Concerns

Coping With Fear of Recurrence (People Living With Cancer)
Addresses the fear of recurrence, a common and normal worry among cancer patients who have completed treatment. Offers tips for coping, including: let yourself be afraid, express your feelings, be well informed, get regular follow-up care, adopt a healthy lifestyle and reduce stress. Identifies signs that indicate a more serious condition of anxiety or depression and provides suggestions for seeking treatment. [7/06]

Your Mind & Your Feelings After Cancer Treatment (National Cancer Institute)
Addresses common concerns and how to manage them: fear of recurrence, stress, depression and anxiety, changes in memory and concentration, feelings of anger and isolation. [9/06]

Taking Control: Cancer Survivors Deal with Fear (CURE)
by Beverly A. Caley
(Special Survivors Issue 2006)
Article provides practical suggestions about managing of fear of recurrence. [2006]

Depression and Psychological Distress in Patients During the Year After Curative Resection of NSCLC (PubMed)
Reports on a study published in the January 1, 2003 issue of the Journal of Clinical Oncology. Results suggest the need for psychological support even after curative resection of NSCLC. [1/03]

Social and Work Relationships After Cancer Treatment (National Cancer Institute)
Discusses issues related to family members, partners and dating, friends and coworkers that cancer survivors face after treatment. [9/06]

Scan and Test Anxiety (CancerGuide)
Steve Dunn, a kidney cancer survivor, offers advice for dealing with the inevitable anxiety that comes follow-up scans. [8/02]


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