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Practical Matters

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Do Survivors Need a Dietitian? (CURE)
by Elizabeth Whittington
CURE (Special Survivors Issue 2006): 76
Brief full text article focuses on how registered dietitians may help patients gain a better understanding of the role of nutrition for healthy cancer survivorship. A registered dietitian can assist in explaining the research, reviewing a survivor's medical history, communicating with the healthcare team, advising on drug-nutrient interaction and creating short-term and long-term nutrition goals. Provides general advice for survivors from professional dietitians and includes a guide on how to local a registered dietitian. [2006]

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Medical Travel, Inc.
Medical Travel is a full service commercial travel agent that caters to patients with special medical needs, their families and friends. Medical Travel aims to help disabled and older people enhance their ability to travel and lead more independent lives. Services include arranging cruises and land vacations for patients with respiratory problems, and other special medical needs.

Employment Issues

Questions & Answers About Cancer in the Workplace and the American Disabilities Act (ADA) (US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)
This guide explains: when cancer is a disability under the ADA; when an employer may ask an applicant or employee questions about his or her cancer and how it should treat voluntary disclosures; what types of reasonable accommodations employees with cancer may need; and how employers can ensure that they do not discriminate against applicants and employees with cancer. [8/05]

Returning to Work (
Offers suggestions for smoothing the transition from cancer patient back to valued employee, including: follow your style, get up to speed, make a plan, deflect problems and think positive.


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