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Laboratory (Lab) Tests

General Information on Lab Tests
Blood Counts
Tumor Markers
Drug Resistance (Chemosensitivity) Testing

General Information on Lab Tests

Interpreting Laboratory Test Results (NCI Cancer Facts)
Brief, basic information on laboratory tests and how they are used. Aimed at patients. [1/03]

Blood Counts

Blood Counts (Oncolink)
Comprehensive patient guide to understanding how chemotherapy affects blood counts. Describes the different kinds of blood cells. Discusses neutropenia (low white cell count); thrombocytopenia (low level of platelets); and anemia (low red cell count). [1/01]

Tumor Markers

Role of Serum Tumor Markers CA 125 and CEA in NSCLC (PubMed)
Abstract of a study reported in the March/April issue of Anticancer Research that found CA 125 and CEA can be indicators of disease extent, a useful clinical therapeutic marker, and may potentially have important prognostic value in NSCLC patients. [4/01]

Tumor Markers (NCI Cancer Facts)
Discusses tumor markers -- what they are and how they may used to assess a cancer's response to treatment and to check for recurrence. Describes the most commonly measured tumor markers. Does not mention any markers used for lung cancer, although it notes that pleural inflammation can case elevated CA 125 levels. [4/98]

Tumor Markers and Lung Cancer - Recent MEDLINE Abstracts

Drug Resistance (Chemosensitivity) Testing

ASCO Does Not Support Routine Drug Sensitivity and Resistance Assays (Medscape)
News release summarizing the report of the ASCO Working Group on Chemotherapy Sensitivity and Resistance Assays based on a review of the medical literature: ASCO recommends against the use of chemotherapy sensitivity and resistance assays (CSRAs), outside of clinical trials, to select chemotherapeutic agents for individual patients. [8/04]

Patients' Perspectives on Cell Culture Drug Resistance Assays (
Provides a patient perspective on the use of cell drug resistance assays to select potential chemotherapy treatments. Notes several reasons why cell drug resistance assays have not been adopted as standard tests. Offers a first-hand account of the process and includes links to further information on labs. [4/99]

Ex-Vivo Apoptotic (EVA) Laboratory Assay (Quackwatch)
Evaluation, by Wallace I. Sampson, MD, of the chemosensitivity testing performed by Rational Therapeutics, of Long Beach, CA. Questions the usefulness of the Ex-Vivo Apoptotic Laboratory Assay, which is performed on a specimen taken from a patient and cultured in the laboratory. [7/01]


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