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Advexin (RPR/INGN 201) : Introgen Therapeutics : Adenovirus vector Ad-p53

Combination Therapy Approach Presented at Oncologic Radiology Meeting (Introgen Therapeutics)
Press release announces encouraging results of a phase 2 study of Advexin in combination with radiation therapy in patients with NSCLC presented at the January 2004 Oncologic Interventional Radiology Symposium. [1/04]

Clinical Evaluation of Adenoviral-mediated p53 Gene Transfer: Review of INGN 201 Studies (PubMed)
Abstract of an article published in the October 2001 issue of Seminars in Oncology. Discusses gene therapy using modified adenoviruses and reviews its application in the treatment of NSCLC. [10/02]

Lung Cancer Patient Treated with Advexin Survives for 63 Months (
Oncology News International
reports on Introgen announcement that an advanced stage NSCLC patient treated with the adenoviral p53 gene therapy Advexin in 1997continues to survive at 63 months without significant side effects. [8/02]

Phase I Trial of Adenovirus p53 in Bronchioloalveolar Cell Lung Carcinoma (BAC) (ASCO Abstract)
Summarizes the results of a pilot Phase I trial of p53 gene transfer using an adenovirus vector (RPR/INGN 201: Ad-p53) delivered via bronchoalveolar lavage to involve the lobes of the lung in patients with BAC. Study concludes that this approach is well tolerated thus far, and may be a promising new approach to therapy for BAC. [5/00]

Phase II Trial of Adenoviral Mediated P53 Gene Transfer (RPR/INGN 201) in Conjunction with Radiation Therapy in Patients with Localized NSCLC (ASCO Abstract)
Summarizes results of a Phase II trial of adenoviral mediated p53 gene transfer (RPR/INGN 201) that suggest this therapy can be safely accomplished in conjunction with radiation therapy to treat patients with localized NSCLC. Concludes that the combination of RPR/INGN 201 and radiation therapy warrants further consideration. [5/00]

INGN 201 - Recent MEDLINE Abstracts (PubMed)


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