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Iressa (ZD1839 or gefitinib) : AstraZeneca : EGFR inhibitor

Clinical Research & FDA Approval
Iressa - Clinical Trials
Iressa Side Effects
EGFR Inhibitors & Mutations Research
egfr mutations & treatment response • egfr resistance & 2nd mutations • testing for egfr mutations

Clinical Research & FDA Approval

FDA Drug Approval Summary: Gefitinib (ZD1839; Iressa) Tablets (The Oncologist)
by Martin H. Cohen et al.
v.8 The Oncologist (August 2003): 303-306
Summarizes the efficacy and safety results of clinical trials relevant to the approval of gefitinib (ZD1839; Iressa) as monotherapy treatment for patients with locally advanced or metastatic NSCLC after failure of both platinum-based and docetaxel therapies. [8/03]

ZD1839 (Iressa): What's In It for the Patient? (The Oncologist)
by Ronald B. Natale and Susan L. Zaretsky
v.7, Suppl.4 The Oncologist (August 2002): 25-30
Provides an overview of ZD1839 (Iressa), the first of a new class of epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors. Discusses the results of two phase II trials that have shown that ZD1839 provides clinically significant symptom relief for many patients with extensively pretreated advanced NSCLC. Moreover, this improvement in disease-related symptoms correlated with improved survival and tumor response. ZD1839 also had an acceptable tolerability profile: most drug-related adverse events were mild and reversible. Some patients also experienced improved quality of life, particularly those with a partial response or stable disease. Concludes that ZD1839 offers a new treatment option providing meaningful symptom relief for many patients with NSCLC. [8/02]

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Iressa - Clinical Trials

Iressa - Clinical Trials (

Iressa - Side Effects

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