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Complementary & Alternative Medicine - Overview

High Prevalence of Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Use Among Cancer Patients: Implications for Clinical Care (Editorial) (Journal of Clinical Oncology)
by Barrie R. Cassileth, Andrew J. Vickers
v.23, no. 4 Journal of Clinical Oncology (April 20, 2005): 2590-2592
Presents an overview of the use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) among cancer patients and notes the results of CAM trials. Argues for the use of evidence-based, supportive complementary complementary modalities in clinical oncology under the term "integrative oncology," and lists several major cancer centers that have programs that clinically integrate conventional and complementary medicine. [4/05]

Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Cancer (The Oncologist)
by Barrie R. Cassileth and Gary Deng
v.9 The Oncologist (2004): 80-89
Review article describes alternative as well as complementary therapies commonly used today by cancer patients. Herbal remedies are also discussed. Evidence regarding the efficacy and safety of CAM is examined, and the implications for oncologists are addressed. Aimed at physicians, this article encourages them to become knowledgeable about the most popular remedies and know where to find reliable information for themselves and their patients. [2004]

Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the Treatment of Cancer: Current Research and Future Directions (Medscape)
by Omer Kucuk, MD
v.15, no.6 Oncology Issues (Nov. 2000):17-19
Defines complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Discusses CAM research areas, including the use of phytochemicals in cancer prevention and treatment; the beta-carotene paradox; antioxident use during chemotherapy or radiation; and the use of soy isoflavones. Aimed at physicians. Registration required for free access to Medscape. [11/00]

The ABCs of Complementary and Alternative Therapies and Cancer Treatment (Medscape)
by Katen Moore, MSN, RN and Libby Schmais, MFA, MLS
v.15, no.6 Oncology Issues (Nov. 2000):20-22
Provides a brief overview of common complementary therapies requested by patients and used in the management of symptoms of cancer treatment. Includes discussion of acupuncture, aromatherapy, bach flower remedies, herbal remedies, homeopathic healing, magnet therapy, massage therapy, meditation, therapeutic touch, and yoga. Aimed at physicians. Registration required for free access to Medscape. [11/00]

Considering Complementary and Alternative Therapies? (NCCAM)
Brief guide to considering complementary and alternative therapies. Discusses how to assess the safety and effectiveness of the therapy; how to examine a practitioner's expertise; and how to evaluate the service delivery. Addresses the issue of cost and the issue of how to consult with your health care provider about alternative treatments and therapies. [8/02]

"Questions and Answers About Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Cancer Treatment" (NCI Cancer Facts)
Answers questions and provides resources for learning more about complementary and alternative therapies. [8/03]


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