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Clinical Trials

Understanding Clinical Trials
Finding Clinical Trials
Clinical Trials Insurance Issues
Compassionate Use

Understanding Clinical Trials

Understanding Clinical Trials (National Cancer Institute)
Provides general and in-depth information on clinical trials and related topics. Includes A Guide to Understanding Informed Consent.

Cancer Trials Help: Are Clinical Trials Right for You? (Coalition of National Cancer Cooperative Groups)
Offers a comprehensive view of clinical trials, including: Clinical Trials ABCs, questions to ask your doctor, an overview of the cooperative group system, a list of trials conducted by members of the Coalition of National Cancer Cooperative Groups, and a glossary, among other resources.

Don't Be Afraid of Clinical Trials: They Could Improve the Quality of Care You Receive (Cancer Care)
Discusses the medical, practical and emotional issues involved in clinical trial participation.

Evaluating a Clinical Trial (
Guide to evaluating a clinical trial. Explains how to examine the inclusion and exclusion criteria, the informed consent document, and the protocol document. Provides a list of questions that you should ask before entering a clinical trial. Offers perspectives from patients who have previously participated in clinical trials. [2001]


Finding Clinical Trials

*** It is important to note that no single clinical trials resource provides a comprehensive listing of all available trials for lung cancer. ***

Clinical Trials (National Cancer Institute)
NCI's clinical trials database and information center. Includes information on understanding clinical trials; deciding whether to participate in clinical trials; and finding specific trials in the NCI's PDQ clinical trials database. (National Institutes of Health)
Clinical trials database developed by the National Library of Medicine. Trials database may be searched by keyword or browsed by condition, such as lung cancer. The "Understanding Clinical Trials" section offers comprehensive information on all aspects of clinical trials.

Clinical Trials: Oncology (Centerwatch)
Listing of cancer clinical trials by therapeutic area and geographic region. Areas include lung cancer, cancer pain, and bone metastases.

Centerwatch Patient Notification Service
Free e-mail clinical trials notification service. User can specify particular therapeutic area, e.g. lung cancer, and be notified via e-mail of new trial postings.

Pharmaceutical Companies (Lung Cancer Online)
Listing of pharmaceutical companies that offer products used in the treatment of lung cancer. Product information often includes links and/or information related to clinical trials.

Lung Cancer Programs (Lung Cancer Online)
Directory of NCI-Designated Cancer Centers and other hospitals with lung cancer programs. Links to specific resources, including clinical trials, are included where information is available.


Clinical Trial Insurance Issues

Clinical Trials and Insurance Coverage: A Resource Guide (National Cancer Institute)
Answers frequently-asked questions about insurance coverage for clinical trial participation and provides links to additional information resources. Sections include: clinical trials and insurance coverage; coverage strategies to consider; initiatives to expand coverage for clinical trials. [1/02]


Compassionate Use Information

Compassionate Use Offers Access to Unapproved Drugs (CURE)
by Jennifer M. Gangloff
v.3, no.3 CURE (Fall 2004): 72-3
Patient article discusses the various ways patients to get experimental or investigational drugs if they are not able to enroll in a clinical trial, but lack effective treatment, including: expanded access programs (EAP) and single patient use. Provides tips for successfully pursuing compassionate use options. Briefly discusses the option of looking outside the US if compassionate use is not available. [10/04]

Understanding the Approval Process for New Cancer Drug: Special Needs (National Cancer Institute)
Discusses special conditions in which cancer drugs that have not yet been through the FDA approval process. Provides links to information explaining the approval process for new cancer drugs, "off-label" use and expanded access. [1/04]

Access to Unapproved Drugs (Center for Drug Evaluation & Research, FDA)
Discusses the various legal mechanisms for gaining access to unapproved drugs, including clinical trials, a special exception or compassionate exemption, an emergency Investigational New Drug (IND) and a treatment IND. [10/03]


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