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Targeted Therapies


Angiogenesis Inhibitors
overview • VEGF-targeted therapy (eg, Avastin)

Biological & Hormonal Therapies
overview • monoclonal antibodies (eg, Erbitux, Herceptin) • anti-estrogen therapy • vaccines

c-kit Inhibitors

EGFR Inhibitors
overview • egfr inhibitors (eg, Iressa, Tarceva) • treatment response (eg, egfr mutations) • resistance & second mutations • testing for egfr mutations

Gene Therapy & Antisense Strategies

Targeted Therapies - Overview

Targeted Cancer Therapies: Questions & Answers (National Cancer Institute)
Provides an introduction to targeted cancer therapies. Explains how targeted therapies work and reviews examples of targeted therapies, including "small molecule" drugs (eg, Iressa, Tarceva), "apoptosis-inducing" drugs (eg, Velcade), and monoclonal antibodies (eg, herceptin), cancer vaccines, angiogenesis inhibitors and gene therapy. Aimed at patients. [4/04]

Understanding Targeted Treatments (People Living With Cancer)
Provides an overview of targeted treatments and how they work. Describes specific types of targeted treatments, including monoclonal antibodies, enzyme inhibitors, proteasome inhibitors and angiogenesis inhibitors. Discusses the potential advantages and future challenges of targeted treatments. Aimed at patients. [11/04]

New Targeted Therapies for Lung Cancer: Expectations and Reality (Medscape)
Review by Paul A. Bunn, Jr, MD, of novel targeted therapies in patients with lung cancer. Covers angiogenesis inhibitors, growth factor receptor inhibitors, COX-2 inhibitors, vaccines, gene and antisense therapy, among other targeted therapies. Aimed at physicians. Registration required for free access to Medscape. [08/02]


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