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Gene Therapy & Antisense Strategies

What to Know About Gene Therapy: Q&A (MD Anderson Cancer Center)
Article in the August 2004 issue of CancerWise, MD Anderson Cancer Center's patient publication, that answers questions about gene therapy in the treatment of lung cancer. See also, in the same issue, profiles of two lung cancer patients who have benefitted from treatment with gene therapy, "Gene Therapy Shows Promising Results." [8/04]

Gene Therapy: Treatment Q & A (CancerBACUP)
Answers commonly-asked questions about gene therapy, including: what are genes? how do genes cause cancer? what is gene therapy? how is gene therapy used? how is gene therapy given? what are the results so far? [5/04]

Gene Replacement Therapy for NSCLC: A Review (PubMed)
Review article published in the February 2004 issue of Hematology/Oncology Clinics of North America that summarizes clinical trials in gene therapy, arguing that the results of these trials have demonstrated gene replacement therapy is a viable potential addition to the arsenal for cancer. Assesses the state of the science and provides a prediction of future developments. [2/04]

Gene Therapy and Lung Cancer: A Conference Report (PubMed)
Scientific report from the June 2004 annual meeting of the American Society of Gene Therapy summarizing the presentations on gene therapy for lung cancer patients, including a discussion of the advantages, disadvantages and state of the science. Topics addressed include dendritic cell-based genetic therapy, vaccines and the challenges in designing novel adenoviral vectors. Cites the great potential and need for replicating vectors for gene therapy. Aimed at physicians. [6/04]

Clinical Update of Ad-p53 Gene Therapy for Lung Cancer (PubMed)
Abstract of an article in the July 2002 issue of Surgical Oncology Clinics of North America that reviews the preliminary Phase I and Phase II gene therapy trials in NSCLC. Notes that the trials demonstrated that Ad-p53 gene transfer is associated with low toxicity and evidence of antitumoral activity at the locoregional site. Calls for randomized Phase III studies to determine the potential of Ad-p53 to improve overall survival in selected subsets of NSCLC patients. [7/03]

Genomics and Cancer: Making Sense of Antisense (
Aimed at patients, this article explains how antisense drugs work to target specific genes to attack cancer cells. Discusses two specific antisense drugs: Affinitac (ISIS 3521; LY900003) and Genasense (G3139; oblimersen). Briefly discusses ribozyme therapy (Angiozyme), another gene-based treatment. [2002]

Questions and Answers About Gene Therapy (NCI Cancer Facts)
Defines and describes gene therapy. Discusses issues and risks associated with gene therapy. [6/00]

Translational Research and Targeted Therapies (Medscape)
Summary of the presentations addressing targeted therapies at the 2nd International Lung Cancer Congress. Includes a discussion of the current state of gene therapy (Ad-p53) with respect to NSCLC treatment and prevention. Aimed at physicians. Registration required for free access to Medscape. [8/01]

Gene Therapy Clinical Trials (


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