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Treatment of Adrenal Metastases

Adrenal Metastases - Recent MEDLINE Abstracts (PubMed)

Analysis of Potential Prognostic Factors in NSCLC Patients Undergoing Resection of Isolated Adrenal Metastases (ASCO)
Abstract of a study presented at ASCO 2000 that attempted to identify potential prognostic factors for long term survival following resection of isolated adrenal metastases in NSCLC patients. Study suggested that lung tumor node status may guide clinicians in identifying patients who are most likely to benefit from resection of isolated adrenal metastases. [5/00]

Adrenal Metastases Treated by Stereotactic Body Radiosurgery (ASCO)
Abstract of a small study presented at ASCO 2000 that found that stereotactic body radiosurgery offers the possibility of a high control rate for treatment of adrenal metastases. This non-invasive treatment can be considered for those patients with limited extend of disease or having a symptomatic site refractory to standard therapy. Stresses that continued study is important to evaluate the long-term potential benefits and side effects. [5/00]

F-FDG PET in Evaluation of Adrenal Lesions in Patients with Lung Cancer (PubMed)
Abstract of a study to assess the role of PET with F-FDG in differentiating benign from metastatic adrenal masses detected on CT or MRI scans of patients with lung cancer. Concludes that F-FDG PET is an accurate, noninvasive technique for differentiating benign from metastatic adrenal lesions detected on CT or MRI in lung cancer patients. [12/04]


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