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NSCLC Treatment - Surgery

Clinical Research - Surgery & NSCLC
Topics & Issues in NSCLC Surgery
mediastinal lymph node dissection • surgery for advanced ("unresectable") disease • surgery & second lung cancers
Surgery in the Elderly NSCLC Patient
About Lung Cancer Surgery - What to Expect & Things To Know
thoracotomy • video-assisted thoracic surgery (vats) • palliative procedures • anesthesia • questions to ask • determining operability • nutrition & surgery • surgical complications

Clinical Research - Surgery & NSCLC

Patterns of Surgical Care of Lung Cancer Patients (PubMed)
Abstract of a patient care survey conducted by the American College of Surgeons in 2001 (published in the December 2005 issue of Ann Thorac Surg) to explore the patterns of surgical care for patients with NSCLC. Study conclusions include: mediastinoscopy is infrequently performed and lymph nodes are biopsied in less than 50%; lobectomy is the most common operation and positive surgical margins are too frequent; and outcomes are superior in high-volume hospitals. [12/05]

Surgical Aspects in the Treatment of Lung Cancer (Medscape)
by Thomas V. Bilfinger, MD
v.10, no.4 Curr Opin Pulm Med (2004): 261-265
Reviews the role of surgery in the treatment of lung cancer. Discusses the trends of multimodality treatment and the miniaturization of surgical approaches. Topics covered include: staging, surgery for "inoperable" patients, palliative procedures, and follow-up care, among others. [08/04]

Surgery & NSCLC - Recent MEDLINE Abstracts


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